European programs

Daren Labs is an SME with comprehensive R&D capabilities. Dr. Steve Daren has served on several occasions as an examiner for European Projects in the fifth and sixth frameworks. The experience gained has enabled him to introduce Daren Labs as a successful partner in a number of consortiums in the fifth, sixth and seventh frameworks.
We welcome cooperation with companies and researchers
who seek partnership in new projects.

Active Project:
New tailor-made bio polymers under
Brigit (7th framework)

New tailor-made biopolymers produced from lignocellulosic sugars
waste for highly demanding fire-resistan applications.

past european projects we
Participated in

Project Acronym Topic Framework
Rapid Reduction of agricultural and rural pollution by innovative additives FP5
Nanoprop Nanoclays in Flame-Retarded Polypropylene FP5
Polymicro Polymer micro optics Europractice
Brightlight Laser Diode radiation SME-1 cooperative research
Ephocell Light Concentrator for photovoltaic Cells FP7
Inform Nano formulations FP7

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