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Daren Labs is a scientific consultancy with advanced R&D capabilities, connecting academy and industry in chemistry, polymers, materials and synthesis. Founded by Dr. Steve Daren in 1998, we today support a wide range of industries and academic institutes worldwide.

Daren Labs is an experienced problem-solver, offering special agility with interdisciplinary capabilities. We perform custom R&D and provide expert knowledge to commercial, government and private customers. We are also a serial SME participant in numerous European framework programs and maintain a full-time presence in the U.S.

Recognizing the continuously growing needs of Israel’s entrepreneurial community, Daren Labs has leveraged its experience working alongside startup companies and investors to create the Daren Innovation Center, a technology-based accelerator. The Center provides an array of essential resources to early-stage projects, including dedicated laboratories, scientific guidance and professional consulting, all aimed at assisting startups to achieve their milestones with the highest rate of success.

Daren Labs is a crossroad where industry, science, people and business opportunities meet.

3 good reasons why to use daren labs
in your next project

Extensive knowledge
& experience

For over 20 years of working across a wide
range of industries, our team has gained
unique knowledge and experience in
advanced R&D projects.


Being small and agile means we can find
smarter, leaner and faster ways to change
procedures, directions or methods to
accommodate our client’s needs.

Absolute confidentiality

All research and development
projects performed for our clients are held in
strict confidentiality. We make no IP claims
for our research.

Meet the team

DR. Steve Daren

Founder and Managing Director

Graduate of the University of London and the Weizmann Institute of Science. Dr. Daren has more than thirty years of experience in the chemical industry and academia. For the past twenty years he has been a consultant providing solutions to numerous problems of the chemical, pharmaceutical, polymer and plastic industries. Dr. Daren is a recognized authority on plastics, polymers, adhesives and flame retardants. Dr. Daren has provided expert opinions on various problems to Israeli and European bodies and is an examiner in the EC. He holds several patents in the field of agriculture, battery electrolytes, plastics and flame retardants.

Ofer Daren

VP and Innovation Center Manager

Graduate of the College of Management, joined Daren Labs at 2006 to establish the Daren Innovation Center. Since then, Ofer has been a key figure in the growth of the Daren Labs, working daily and closely with numerous startups Ofer has a vivid understanding of the various needs and challenges early-stage companies encounter. During the years Ofer has created a strong network and eco-system, helping our startup residences in all the relevant aspect: services, consulting and funding. Ofer helps our “graduate” clients to set up their next laboratory facilities.

Dr. Elliott Silcoff

Project Leader

Dr. Elliott Silcoff is a graduate of Science Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a postdoctoral fellow at the Weizmann Institute and Stanford University. Dr. Silcoff has over 20 years experience in research and development, with many released products and over 30 patents. He has worked as a leading scientist and managed research groups in many fields including synthesis, polymers, electrochemistry, materials engineering, analysis, pharma and hi-tech.

Dr. Fabienne Lellouche

Project Leader

Fabienne is an R&D chemist with more than 20 years of experience in multidisciplinary R&D projects such as medicinal chemistry, pesticides, water recovery and nano-particle synthesis. Prior to joining Daren Labs, Fabienne worked as researcher at the Agricultural Research Organization (under the Ministry of Agriculture, Israel) were she developed new “green” indicators for food products and biological pesticides. Fabienne worked as an analytical chemist at Sol-Gel, an Israeli company developing nano-encapsulation technology. Fabienne also spent four years at the CEA Atomic Energy Research Center, France, where she helped develop new methods for the recovery of radioactive water. Fabienne earned her MSc. BSc and PhD (Cum Laude) at the UCB-Lyon 1 University, France, and her Post doctorate was at the Tel-Aviv University.

Vlada Nikolayevsky

(MSc.), Lab Manager and R&D Chemist

Vlada has over 15 years of experience in R&D at Daren Labs. She has acquired diverse experience under Dr. Daren’s supervision, and today is our instrumentation expert. She performs independent research work and interacts with our client’s projects with equal ease. In addition, Vlada is responsible for all the back-office operations for both R&D labs and Innovation Center. Vlada earned her BSc and MSc in Chemistry at the Donetsk National Technical University (Ukraine).

Pavel Basin

(MSc.), R&D Chemist

Pavel is a gifted chemist and has vast knowledge in organic, inorganic and analytic chemistry, polymer research for industry and unique materials development. At Daren Laboratories, Pavel performs complicated syntheses and operates fine analytical laboratory equipment. Pavel acquired professional analytical skills and is capable of unconventional solutions to various R&D problems. Pavel earned his BSc. and MSc. (cum laude) degrees in Tel-Aviv University specializing in Organo-metallic Chemistry. Prior to Darenlabs Pavel worked at Jemtex and Chimo-Engineering.

Sagi Daren

Business Development

Sagi is a product of the Israeli Hi-Tech industry and has a diverse background, in R&D, Engineering and Marketing. During his carrier, he managed a strategic, long term project at El-Mul Technologies involving the application of Carbon Nanotubes in electronics and energy storage devices, a project receiving the Frost & Sullivan 2008 “European Innovation award”. Later Sagi held an Engineering product management position at HP Indigo managing the product lifecycle of one of the company’s consumable products. Further on Sagi shifted into business areas, founded and managed Indigo’s Demo Center, a global sales center for newly launched products. Since 2016 Sagi is CEO and Co-founder of PrintCB, an early stage startup developing a 3D printing solution for the fast prototyping of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) alongside his position as business development manager at Daren Labs. Sag holds BSc. in Chemical Engineering and MSc. In Materials Engineering, both from the Technion, Haifa as well as an MBA from Tel-Aviv university.

Dr. Hemi Naé

US Representative

Dr. Naé received his B.Sc. in Chemistry from Tel-Aviv University, and his M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel. In 1987, he joined NL Industries (later known as Rheox and Elementis) in Hightstown, New Jersey, where he was Manager of New Product Development. In this role he developed new rheological additives and served as the in-house rheologist. Currently, Dr. Naé is President, Hydan Technologies, Inc., providing consulting, R&D services and training in rheology, formulation and product development. Dr. Naé has assisted a variety of companies in the development of new products and the reformulation of existing products. Dr. Naé is the author of 16 patents and 49 technical publications.

We give back

Children are our future, and at Daren Labs we decided we would like to
share with children our community knowledge, curiosity and passion for
science, encouraging them to follow our steps.  In order to do this
effectively, we have partnered with Dr. Molecula (Molecule in Hebrew)
an entertaining and funny science show for all ages performing in many
location worldwide.

Daren labs helps the show producers and actors to design new exciting
experiments which will later be presented in numerous shows around
the world. We do this voluntarily, with the future of children and science
in mind.

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