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The purpose of the Daren Innovation Centers is to provide entrepreneurs and young companies with a supportive environment where they can concentrate on their research without distractions. This way, the innovators can remain devoted exclusively to his development work, without needing to invest valuable time and money required for setting up a new laboratory not wasting time while working in infrastructure maintenance, regulations nor taking upon themselves long term commitments, all aimed to increase their success rate increase for achieving milestones and grow.

We operate two branches of laboratories, both located in Nes Ziona, one in is more focused on chemistry and materials and the other addressing biotechnology and pharma Both of the centers are designed such that each company has its own private work-space. The sites includes autonomous labs, each having its own basic equipment. In addition there is an shared equipment room for general use, Personal offices, conference rooms and storage facilities. In addition to the infrastructure and equipment, an experienced staff of Chemists and biochemists are available to bring their extensive experience for the benefit of the companies at short notice and reduced prices.

Years of experience and many companies that have passed through us will testify that the road to success begins with us.

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