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Over the years we have gained extensive experience in developing custom synthesis and formulations for a wide range of materials in diverse applications. Whether you have a reference material or spec you would like to duplicate or a set of properties you would like to tailor/reverse engineer - our chemists can do it. Among the materials and formulations we’ve developed in the past are: pharmaceuticals, membranes, coatings, flame retardants, optical and bio polymers, adhesives, dental implants, chemical sensors and bio-active materials. We can also help you scale up the processes as well as provide small-scale (gram to kilo) production of the developed materials. Our team can work hand-in-hand with you or lead a full scale project solution – according to your client.

Why invest in building R&D capabilities when you can have our team of experts develop new strategic materials or formulations for you, faster, cheaper and discreetly with no IP claims?

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