Bioanalytical assay services

What do you do when you need to gather essential exposure data for biological control formulation and drug development? You gather the biological materials necessary to perform the biological assay, develop the assay, train your students or employees in performing it in a uniform and repeatable methodology, and then do the whole thing over again when the assay performer quits or is promoted or when you discover this isn’t quite the biological control formulation you require.

Biological assay service

Or you turn to Daren Labs. We can provide you with development, validation and biological assay services for all types of biological control formulations, drugs and biological materials, whether they consist of small or large molecules, are generics, or are used as biomarkers. Our meticulous biological assays services package is tailormade to accompany and complement every stage of drug discovery and development, from preclinical development to market.  
to provide essential exposure data for drug development. We can provide you with the analytic services you need to complement your research and development. We offer you the option to enjoy a free trial of our services before you engage our biological assay services, either on a stand-alone basis or as part of an integrated service offering.

Biological control formulation

Comprehensive bioanalysis is essential practically every stage of product development. Daren Labs offers the bioanalytical assay services that will streamline and expedite your discovery, preclinical and clinical capabilities. From method development through clinical sample analysis, we provide accurate, reliable and streamlined bioanalytical assay services, regardless of the challenges you face.

Our biological assay services utilize high resolution mass spectromentry and NMR to identify and quantify metabolites during the drug development process. This is used to determine the metabolic fate of the active molecule, and whatever carrier molecules your labe may have developed, in both in vitro and in vivo environments. By mapping out this fate we enable you to get ahead of any future bottlenecks and delays you might encounter in the later stages of the drug development. Our biotransformation specialists, and analytical, biological and synthetic chemists have the the broad knowledge base required to shorten your drug development process considerably. By bringing you biological assay services needs to daren labs, you will be placing your assays in an environment where bright minds are constantly engaged in overcoming bioassay challenges for a wide variety of biological materials, providing you with the best possible skill sets, experience and technology to expedite you drug discovery and development process.







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