Biotech laboratory services

When you are seeking a biotech laboratory services, you aren’t merely looking for a biotech laboratory for rent, you want a laboratory that is capable of offering you a fill and comprehensive package for  analysis, monitoring and optimization. Regardless of whether your needs are chemical, molecular or imaging focused, or whether you specifically require Biomolecules Analysis by Spectrophotometry & fluorometry we have the wide skill set, experience and equipment needed to expedite your research and development process. The biotech laboratory services of our highly trained and dedicated scientists can either be purchased as part as a comprehensive research package, or else be limited to specific services biomolecular analysis by spectrophotometry & fluorometry.

Biological hood services.

Daren labs provides testing, certification and maintenance biological hood services, ensuring that your biological hoods and biosafety cabinets meet the appropriate national standards and / or manufacturer specifications. We also provide consultation for selecting the biological hood best for your requirements, and, if all else fails, a hood in our own laboratory complex where you can perform your time critical experiments.

Biomolecules Analysis by Spectrophotometry & fluorometry

Spectrophotometry can be incredibly useful both for quantitative analysis in all areas of life sciences. With it, individual proteins, nucleic acids and metabolites can be analyzed, and the content and purity of solutions can be determined – all by measuring the amount of light absorbed or reflected by a specific compound.
Some spectrophotometers however, including the spectrophotometers employed by Daren Labs, also have the capability to measure fluorescence, the absorption of light energy in one wavelength and its re-emission at another, longer, wavelength. That is how Daren Labs is able to provide you, among other biotech laboratory services, with biomolecule analysis by spectrophotometry & fluorometry.

The sensitivity of fluorescence detection is around 1,000 times higher than absorption spectrophotometric methods. This means less sample material and stretches the limits on signal detection, while allowing for greater concentration range assessment and accuracy. It is also far more specific than solely absorption based spectrographic methods.

So why not perform biomolecule analysis by combined spectrophotometry & fluorometry? Well, the only real reason is price. These instruments are expensive! In addition, their use requires very specialized expertise. Fortunately, Daren Labs provides both instruments and expert technicians to operate them for you, or train your own people in their use. Whether you intend to make use of our biotech laboratory services as an intermediate step before you purchase your own equipment, or are interested in a more permanent relationship, Daren Labs can offer you the greatest return for the lowest investment. Contact us today to hear more!







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