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What Is The Daren Innovation Center?

Lab rental and scientific services for startups

The Daren Innovation Center was initiated and designed to meet the needs of start-ups that need a lab and professional scientific support to bring their development to life, in a minimum time and on a tight budget.

Similar to "WeWork" and other shared office space models, we provide a turn-key solution for lab rental and scientific services. This way startups can remain devoted exclusively to their development, avoiding unnecessary time and money invested in infrastructure and logistics. Work can begin at short notice, if required.

Typical startups using our services include: Cleantech, Energy devices, Functional Materials, Biology, Food, Agrotech, water technology and more. But the Daren innovation center is more than just a place to rent lab space, it is a place where people meet and interact, share ideas and experience – it is a home for early stage startups and the special people leading them. We care and support our startups, helping them grow any way we can – the way we see it, their success is also ours.

We care and support our startups, helping them grow any way we can.
The way we see it, their success is also ours.





With us you can get your own
customized lab almost immediately
Commit only to the time you want to
stay, we are highly flexible
All the logistics, lab and materials permits are
our responsibility, leaving you 100% focused on R&D



We make no claims over the
IP you develop
You can use the analytical equipment
and consulting services we have in house.


The purpose of the Daren Innovation Centers is to provide entrepreneurs and young companies with a supportive environment where they can concentrate on their research without distractions. This way, the innovators can remain devoted exclusively to his development work, without needing to invest valuable time and money required for setting up a new laboratory not wasting time while working in infrastructure maintenance, regulations nor taking upon themselves long term commitments, all aimed to increase their success rate increase for achieving milestones and grow.

We operate two branches of laboratories, both located in Nes Ziona, one in is more focused on chemistry and materials and the other addressing biotechnology and pharma Both of the centers are designed such that each company has its own private work-space. The sites includes autonomous labs, each having its own basic equipment. In addition there is an shared equipment room for general use, Personal offices, conference rooms and storage facilities. In addition to the infrastructure and equipment, an experienced staff of Chemists and biochemists are available to bring their extensive experience for the benefit of the companies at short notice and reduced prices.

Years of experience and many companies that have passed through us will testify that the road to success begins with us.




Dear Ofer Daren,

We wish to take advantage of the approaching New Year, to thank you, Dr. Steve Daren and all of the team at Daren Laboratories, for the productive years in which we have spent in your laboratories.
We arrived at your facility at the startup of Polypid Ltd; in order that you would help us realize our dream of founding a bio technology company. You offered us a residence that proved to be of a very high quality. Your Innovation Center enabled us to perform the experiments needed for company development at the highest level and at a price we could afford at the start of our way. In doing so, you without a doubt made a significant contribution to the success and development of the company.

Polypid Ltd started its journey early in 2008. Today, after more then three years of work, the company stands before a break through that may change the method of treatment of a critical medical problem, how to perform bone grafts in infected limbs. Clinical trials are planned for the start of 2012. In a national competition organized by the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Commerce and Trade, Polypid won second place among all startup companies in the incubator program and was the only bio technology company to win a prize this year.

I would particularly like to comment on the pleasant atmosphere in the innovation center and your efforts to respond quickly to every request, even the unusual ones. All of this contributed to the quality of the work and to the smiles which started each day. Even if these attributes cannot be measured directly in financial terms, they undoubtedly helped us to overcome the enormous obstacles that stand in the way of every new company. Startup companies at the beginning of their way find themselves in a very delicate situation where inexperience and a lack of suitable contacts can be crucial in determining their chances of success. At these junctures, your professional contributions and constructive advice made a significant contribution to our company’s success.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the opportunity of working in your environs, for your help and support and we encourage you to continue to support new companies to grow and realize their visions too.

Yours Sincerely
Dr. Noam Emanuel and the Staff of Polypid
Dear Steve & Ofer,

We started our path in October 2012 as a small company with big challenges. The decision to commence at Daren Laboratories came from our need to start working immediately in a small but well-equipped site with the ability to support our requirements. We thus reduced the need to purchase some of the necessary equipment and saved time otherwise wasted in maintaining a laboratory independently. All of our requests were answered in the affirmative, even if they slightly over-stepped the terms of our contract. The great flexibility shown and the efforts made so that we would continue working with a smile on our faces made an enormous difference. We found in Daren Laboratories a comfortable and supportive home for our laboratory at the beginning of our way as well as a collection of good friends which gave us a very pleasant feeling and a warm humane working environment. The concept of being a start-up company in a complex with other companies sharing common infrastructures worried us at first since we were concerned about possible leakage of relevant information. As time progressed we learnt that our fears were unfounded; the opposite was the case. The interesting conversations during meals and participation in social events (such as birthdays and festivals) enriched us all. At any time it was possible to consult with experts from different fields, each and every-one of them interesting both professionally and personally. It was a real pleasure to arrive each day to work and to meet so many friends. For all of this, thank you very much. I wish you the best of luck as you progress and hope that the connections between us will be long-lasting,

Dr. Talya Kuink and the team at Targetgene
To all of the Team & Staff at Daren Laboratories,

Until mid-Y2014, when we were looking for ways to advance our business, we had no idea that there could be such an amazing platform as the Daren Laboratories’ Innovation Center. The Innovation Center is a springboard for every start up that wants to get going but does not know how. Ofer and his wonderful team provide the complete envelope with all of the basic requirements for the fresh company and all that remains for it is to concentrate and make progress on the research itself. At Daren they know how to solve every issue that crops up and answer every request even at the most irregular hours. The service, their knowledge and their experience are always apparent. To a large degree, it is thanks to Daren, that our company has reached its next stage in its development which involves moving on to larger premises, engaging new staff and further research and business development. I am convinced that any young innovator that wants to advance his research and project will have a much higher chance of success at Daren Laboratories. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the short period that we were with you and for the amazing service that you provided,

Yours Sincerely,
Barak Zagdon, CEO, Z.M.D. Medical Ltd.
Dear Steve and Ofer,

Ein Vered Systems Ltd. entered Daren Laboratories in Y2011. As a start-up company at the beginning of its way, it was clear to the team that setting up an independent laboratory would be too heavy a burden for us. We were pleased to discover that the Daren Innovation Center enabled us to rent an equipped laboratory that met our needs. You displayed great flexibility, professionalism and lots of good-will while showing understanding for the varying needs that is a characteristic of companies at that stage of development. This approach of client promotion and the creativity characteristic of Daren Laboratories enabled us to advance and change. When our emphasis shifted from development to product and marketing, our needs changed and we needed another facility, the nature of our cooperation with Daren Laboratories changed, but continued. The mode of work in the incubator, in which a number of start-up companies from different disciplines are gathered together under a single roof, promotes interesting cooperations and increases the number of parties from different scientific disciplines to consult with. The concentration of many researchers within this framework generates fertile ground for intellectual discussions that bestows on to this work place an enriching and fertilizing university-like atmosphere. I thank you and all of the staff of Daren Laboratories and wish us all continuing fruitful cooperation,

Dr. Shira Rosencwaig and the team of enVerid.
To Whom It May Concern,
recommendation for Daren labs

3PLW is a Startup company that develops a unique process for converting waste to raw materials for bioplastics. Daren Labs gave us our first lab where we started our development work.
During the entire period we were at the Dern Labs, we were given all the tools to succeed - from a fully equipped laboratory, through staff who helped us with anything that was needed, to Ofer and Steve, who answered every issue. I do not have enough warm words to describe the positive experience we had in a laboratory entertainer - you are surrounded by professionals in their field who can be consulted and approached with any professional question, an atmosphere of sharing information for the sake of the public's success.
You deserve to be successful, you give your soul to your customers - and I appreciated that much.
Go forth and succeed,

Thank you so much

Amir Oranim


Phone Number: 08-9402942

Power center branch 13 Hamazmera St. Ness Ziona 7404713
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