Expert Catalysts

Catalysts, whether solid, liquid or gas, are used extensively in the chemical, fuel, pharma and food industries, including in agriculture formulation. You are almost certainly using them in your own procedures.

When you add a catalyst to a biological or chemical process you want to be sure you are using the right catalyst for the job. It needs to improve the yield of the process while allowing for re-extraction at its conclusion for future use – or else be sufficiently inexpensive you have no need to reuse it. Our catalyst experts have the background in catalysis, through both education and experience, to design, manufacture, scale-up, analyze, and commercialize the catalysts you use, or are investigating.

Our catalyst expert will assist you in evaluating catalytic processes, selecting the right catalyst technology or catalyst vendor and prepare due diligence/feasibility studies and loan/grant applications.  

During the R&D stage, our dedicated and professional catalyst experts will offer their insights into advantaged techniques for developing catalysts and the benefit of their expertise in the body of knowledge relevant to your requirements. During process design, our catalyst expert will perform peer review of your design, prepare risk assessments and help you vet vendors. During plant construction, our catalyst expert will provide construction oversight and commissioning reports. They can even serve as expert witnesses if matters come to litigation.

Expert in Agriculture Formulation

An expert in agricultural formulation uses his significant expertise and knowledge in soil science, agronomy, plant physiology, chemical componentry, and practical application thereof to improve the formulation of your fertilizer products, selecting and if necessary modifying them to optimize nutrient uptake by the agricultural crops they are intended for. This is not an easy challenge since the fertilizer and chemical industries have streamlined their product inventory and availability in order to reduce costs, leading to a limited product choice for the crop producer seeking to fine tune their agricultural production machine.
Fortunately, Daren Lab's experts in agricultural formulation know how to develop the best possible custom formulation for your crops and land.

Expert in Flame Retardants

Flame retardant is a label applied to a wide spectrum of substances are used to prevent fires from starting or slow (retard) their spread on combustible materials. Flame retardants do not belong to any single family of chemicals – each flame retardant has its own specific properties, molecular structures, applications, advantages and drawbacks.  
That is why a flame retardants expert is so crucial to selecting the flame retardant most likely to suit your specific needs. Contact Daren Labs today to learn more!  

Expert in polymer identifications

Expert polymer and plastic identification testing is an absolute must during polymer product development, competitive analysis, reverse engineering, reformulation, and layer identification both to optimize the polymer manufacturing capabilities and to reduce chances of litigation stemming from byproduct release.
In fact an expert in polymer identification is the only way you can certify that the correct material has been used in an application or to identify an unknown material.  Expert polymer Identification can also help you compare several materials, enabling you to select the material with the optimal composition or other property for your needs.  







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