Expert opinion in scientific field

Converting hard-earned, technical and specific scientific knowledge into an expert opinion in a scientific field that can be understood by nonscientist lawyers and judges can be difficult. That is why you can’t just rely on any scientist who in knowledgeable in his field to interpret the evidence in court and essentially present your claims. Unlike other witnesses, who are basically required to present the facts and leave the interpretation to the judge, the expert witness is called in precisely to interpret the scientific facts. They are required to give their expert opinion in a scientific field – and if they want their opinion to be taken seriously, they need to be capable of doing so confidentially and maintain the upper hand over lawyers who seek to undermine them by leading them away from their core expertise.

Expert opinion for Combustion Engines

For a scientist offering a expert opinion for combustion engines, much can be at stake. His opinion may directly impact the regulatory environment in which the automotive industry on which most of us depend for transportation, and to whose byproducts in pollution and road accidents we are all exposed. That is why a scientist offering an export opinion in this field, is under special scrutiny, and cannot afford to fall prey to tricks.

Expert opinion on Agriculture compounds

A scientist offering an expert opinion on agricultural compounds such as fertilizers carries just as heavy a burden of responsibility as a scientist offering an expert opinion for combustion engines. Fertilizers are an essential factor in the ability of modern, industrialized agriculture to keep the growing population of the world fed better than it ever has been in the past. Litigation resulting in the withdrawal of a promising new fertilizer from the market can have a devastating impact on world nutrition or health – but so too can non regulation of a fertilizer which poisons the water table or has other adverse effects (externalized costs) on the environment.

That is why only the most articulate, reputable and experienced expert witnesses dare to venture a scientific opinion in this field.    

Expert Opinion in applied science

All of the above indicates the importance of securing an expert witness who is knowledgeable in all scientific aspects of the case, who is an excellent public speaker, who is experienced in providing an expert opinion in applied science in court, and whose reputation, both as a scientist and as a witness is ironclad. However, that can be easier said than done. How can such an expert witness be found? One way is to contact us.







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