Fluorometry analysis

Why should you use fluorometry analysis? Well, why shouldn’t you use fluorometry analysis? While absorption based spectrophotometry can be incredibly useful for quantitative analysis in all areas of life sciences, enabling you to analyze individual proteins, nucleic acids and metabolites can be analyzed, and the content and purity of solutions can be determined – all by measuring the amount of light absorbed or reflected by a specific compound.

Fluorometry services

Some spectrophotometers however, including the spectrophotometers employed by Daren Labs, also have the capability perform fluoremetry analysis, an analysis the absorption of light energy in one wavelength and its re-emission at another, longer, wavelength. That is how Daren Labs is able to provide you, among other biotech laboratory services, with Fluorometry services.


The sensitivity of fluorimetry analysis is around 1,000 times higher than absorption spectrophotometric methods. This means less sample material and less stringent  limits on signal detection, while allowing for greater concentration range assessment and accuracy. It is also far more specific than solely absorption based spectrographic methods.
Fluorometers are high sensitivity, high specificity tools capable of quantifying, detecting and monitoring fluorescent activity. The fluorescent signal measured may be derived from naturally fluorescent molecules, or from dyes attached to biological molecules. Either way the fluorometer measures florescent signals based on signature excitation (Ex) and emission (Em) wavelengths. Utilizing the fluorometer services can radically simplify your fluorescence analysis while reducing unnecessary waste of samples or time.

Fluorometry service

So why not perform fluorometry analysis? Well, the only real reason is price. These instruments can be expensive! In addition, their use requires very specialized expertise. Fortunately, Daren Labs provides both instruments and expert technicians to operate them for you, or train your own people in their use. Whether you intend to make use of our biotech laboratory services as an intermediate step before you purchase your own fluorometers, or are interested in a more permanent relationship, Daren Labs can offer you the greatest return for the lowest investment. Contact us today to hear more about our fluorometry service!







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