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Barbie may have said "Math is tough!" before she was recalled from the shelves for her PC violation, but that was only because she never took advanced chemistry. Getting chemistry not just right, but optimizing a process to outperform your competitors in every parameters is much tougher than solving equations. But you don’t just need to outperform your competitors on the long run – you need to outpace them now to expand or maintain your market position and attract investors. That's tougher.

For many start-ups struggling to carve out a niche for their products in the hyper-competitive chemical industry, it is too tough. That is why so many of them fail. Even established companies often find that when crunch time comes they need help from laboratories for compound synthesis, or labs for hydrogel synthesis and other specialized niches that are not their forte. Nor should they be- to paraphrase Fredrick the Great, "He who tries to overspecialize in everything, specializes in nothing. And gets kicked out of the market". Since Fredrick the Great not only conquered Silesia but also laid down the foundation for the unification of Germany, the world capital of chemistry, a century down the line, you should probably heed his advice.

Lab for compound synthesis

So why seek external help from a lab for compound synthesis? After all, if you want something done right, shouldn't you do it yourself? That may be a fine adage for fixing you sink, at least if you are technically inclined and don’t have a reliable plumber, but that's not a winning recipe for rising to the top in the chemical industry. Especially if you are a young lab or company, with limited resources, manpower and experience.
That is why many companies are outsourcing many of their operations to labs for compound synthesis such as Daren Labs.

Lab for hydrogel synthesis

Hydrogels are water-swollen and cross-linked polymeric networks formed by the reaction of different materials and cross-linkers. Finetuning the exact composition and conditions under which hydrogel is manufactured can result in considerably control over their mechanical properties, up to and including mimicking those of natural tissues. The application for drug delivery, tissue repair, immunoengineering and so forth are both fascinating and potentially lucrative – provided you are the one who develops the new property and/or application first. Luckily for you, Daren Labs houses the expert specialists in hydrogel synthesis you need to accelerate your R&D program and avoid bottlenecks in patenting your product.  








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