Plastic laboratories

"One word: Plastics"

Ben Braddock really should have listened to this sage advice back in the 1960s instead of fooling around with Mrs. Robinson. Today, 50 years later, Plastics are omnipresent in our word, from the bottles which hold our mineral water, to the toys we gift our children. There is a constant race to finetune the materials from which all these plastic products are generated and to gain the optimal properties which will allow you to outperform and outsell your competitors – and that is why more and more companies are outsourcing their plastic products research and analysis to specialized plastic laboratories in order to gain a leg up over the competition. In Daren Labs we possess the plastic expertise and all of the equipment required to test the properties of your products, intermediary and final, so you know exactly where to focus your efforts on.

Plastic expertise.

Daren Labs is amongst the leading plastic laboratories in Israel. We perform mechanical tests such as tensile, notched izod impact and rockwell hardness; Electrical tests such as Dielectric Strength, Surface Resistivity and Dielectric Constant; Rheological Tests like Melt Flow Rate, Intrinsic Viscosity and Capillary Rheometry; Analytical Tests like Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometry or Karl Fischer Moisture Content; Thermal Tests like Vicat Softening, Heat Deflection Temperature (DTUL) and Coefficient of Thermal Expansion; Optical Tests like Gloss and Color; in fact, Daren's Plastic Laboratory can perform nearly any ASTM, ISO, SAE, Mil Spec or UL plastics tests you require, rapidly and at competitive prices.

PCR analysis

Here is an image of the life of a molecular biology graduate student: prepare PCR reaction to create a new construct. Insert construct into plasmid. Insert plasmid into bacteria. Transform Eukaryotic cell. PCR analysis of successful integration into genome. Test biological properties. Find out that the construct is not expressed in the cell, or else that the expression has no biological effect. Formulate new construct design. Return to bench. Prepare new PCR reaction. repeat  ad infinitum. Factor in the learning curve to generate an error free PCR analysis, interrupt with academic duties and social distractions and fast forward to five years later where graduate student earnestly displays power point presentation celebrating the generation of a single moderately useful cell line.

Never mind the student's time and sanity – you have a research grant to secure while your budget is covering his scholarship! So why not let the student train with us, focus on the creative design and innovation, and rely on our own experts to get your project rolling?








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