Polymerization testing

Polymerization laboratories, such as Daren Labs, provide polymerization testing services for various compounds including plastics, resins, elastomers, monomers, polymer additives and other polymer materials. Thanks to the broad polymerization expertise of our Polymerization laboratories we are able to carry out all types of polymerization tests, and identify and quantify all types of polymer resins, fillers and additives.

Polymerization expertise

Polymerization is a core strength of Daren Labs. Our polymerization labs are capable of performing Anionic/cationic polymerization, co-polymer blocking, condensation polymerizations, emulsions polymerizations, free radical polymerizations and polymerizations involving gas-phase monomers.

Polymerization Laboratories

In addition to performing the polymerization itself, our polymerization laboratories also perform the isolation of the finished polymer via various filtration and centrifugation techniques, and process it into the form your lab or company requires via rotary vacuum and tray drying. Our production facilities utilize multiple polymerization reactors for 50 to 1,000 gallons that can perform the monomer pre-blending, polymerization reactions and post polymerization polymer isolation in a single continuous process, handling exothermic reactions with maximum control and safety, including reactions utilizing flammable solvents and initiators. Such initiators include, but are limited to as alkyl lithiums, azobisisobutyronitriles (AIBN), bases, peroxides, pyrophoric metal and metal hydrides.

As more and more companies turn to us for customized polymerization project, our polymerization capabilities continue to expand, with no end in sight. If necessary, we are also capable of processing gaseous and liquid monomers, and have all of the equipment and experience required to purify these monomers.

Polymer tests

Polymer test that Daren Labs supports include but are not limited to :
•    Polymer Characterization
•    Deformulation & Competitor Product Analysis
•    Imported Goods Testing
•    Molecular Weight Analysis
•    Medical Product Testing
•    Material Selection
•    Extractables & Leachables Testing
•    Material Certification & Qualification
•    Quality Control & Assurance
•    Phthalates Analysis
•    Depth Profiling & Surface Analysis
•    Polymer Structure Analysis
•    Stress Testing
•    Additives Analysis
•    Aging & Chemical Resistance Testing
•    Failure Analysis
•    Product Release Testing
•    Lot Release Testing
•    Residual Monomer Testing








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