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Lab Experiments


pcr test.jpg


PCR Thermocycler Blue-Ray biotech

Temperature range +4 °C-99 °C ;  Fast heating ramp rate up to 5.5 °C/sec ; Excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity (+/- 0.3 °C) ; 12-section gradient temperature range from 1 to 24.9 °C for PCR optimization ; The quick boot-up takes only 45 seconds.


Temperature range -3°C-99 °C temperature accuracy and uniformity (+/- 0.1 °C)




Bio Rad CFX96TM

Analysis methods: PCR quantification, Gene expression, Melt curve analysis, Allelic discrimination, End point analysis ; Temperature range 0-100°C +/-0.2°C, Range of ext./em. 450-730nm ; 96 wells: from1μL-50 μL (recommended 10μL-25 μL).

Mx3000p QPCR System Agilent 

Mx3000p QPCR System Agilent - Analysis methods: Quantitative PCR, Comparative Quantitation, SYBR Green, Allele Discrimination, Melting curve. 4 dyes per well




  • Olympus Fluorescence Microscope inverted CKX53 Olympus x4, x10, x20 + Fluorescence GFP, RFP, DAPI Brightfield, Phase Contrast, and DIC only

  • Motic Optical Microscope x4, x10, x40, x100 + Camera 5M

  • Olympus Binocular Microscope up to x90 + Camera 15M

Plate reader.jpg

Plate Reader


Synergy HT Multi-Mode Microplate Reader- Capable of reading any plate format up to 384-well plates and provides temperature control up to 50° C and shaking as standard features. Typical applications include antibody-antigen binding, receptor-liquid binding, ELISA, nucleic acid quantitation

  • Absorbance monochromator from 200 nm to 999 nm (UV -Vis).

  • Fluorescence (ext./em. 485/530, 528/590, 485/590).

  • Luminescence.

Thermo scientific Multiskan FC- Plate types – 96 or 348 well plate ; Wavelength – 405nm, 450nm, 620nm ; Shaker – Slow (5 Hz, amplitude 15 mm), Medium (11 Hz, amplitude 3 mm), and Fast (20 Hz, amplitude 1 mm) ; Temperature range - +4°C to 50°C.

PHOmo Microplate reader- Detection method: Absorbance ; Measurement modes: Endpoint & Kinetic ; Plate type: 96, 48 flat, U and V bottom ; Filters 405nm, 450nm, 492nm, 620nm.

Flow cytometry.jpg

Flow cytometry


CytoFLEX Beckman Coulter Life Science Flow cytometr

Laser specification- Violet (ex.405nm), Blue (ex.488), Red (ex.638). 30 000 events per second with all configured parameters.

Nano Drop.jpg

Nano Drop


Micro-Spectrophotometer Fluorometer DeNovix DS-11 FX 

Rapidly quantify seven orders of magnitude of nucleic acids and protein samples selecting your choice of UV-Vis or Fluorescent modes.

  • Full spectrum UV-Vis analysis (190nm to 840 nm)

  • Fluorescence capability:

  • Green LED : 525 nm (Excitation), 565 to 650 nm (Emission)

  • Red LED : 632 nm (Excitation), 665 to 740 nm (Emission)

  • Blue LED : 470 nm (Excitation), 514 to 567 nm (Emission)

  • UV : 375 nm (Excitation), 435 to 485 nm (Emission)

NanoDrop 2000 Thermo Scientific 

Applications: Nucleic acid, Protein, Fluorescent dye corporation, BCA Assays, Bradford, Kinetic methods, Custom methods ; Full spectral output (190 - 840 nm) ; Preconfigured methods for A260, A280, labeled DNA or Proteins, and much more.

Imaging system.jpg

Imaging system


Omega lum

Semi-Quantitative Assay EtBr, SYBR Green/ safe, Commassie,
Photography of DNA, RNA and protein Gels, Western blot membrane, Dot blot,  
Vis; UV (302, 365nm); Chemiluminescence

AmershamTM Imager 600

Chemiluminescent Western blotting detection

Cell counter.jpg

Cell counter


Countess™ II Automated Cell Counter

is a benchtop assay platform equipped with state-of-the-art optics, full autofocus, and image analysis software for rapid assessment of cells.

  • Accurate

  • Fast

  • Convenient





Capacity-500/250ml bottle, 50/15ml tube; Maximum speed: 15 200 rpm (depending on the rotor), 4 816xg; Temperature range: -10°C – 40°C


Capacity-24 Eppendorf tube ; Maximum speed- 13 000 rpm depending on rotor, 17 000xg ; Temperature range- 5°C – 40°C


Capacity- 4x50ml/ 12x15ml ; Maximum speed Depending on Rotor – 15 200 rpm; 25 830xg ; Temperature range- -10°C – 40°C

NUVE NF 400R  

Capacity:  4x50ml/ 8x15ml ; Maximum speed 4 100 rpm; Maximum RCF- 2 819xg ; Temperature range: -9°C – 40°C

NUVE NF 800R  

Capacity:  4x50ml/ 12x15ml/ 24x1.5ml or 2ml/ 2 plates ; Maximum speed Swing-out Rotor: 4 100 rpm; Maximum RCF- 3 045xg ; Maximum speed Angle Rotor: 14 000 rpm; Maximum RCF: 18 405xg ; Temperature range: -9°C –  40°C

DNA & Protein electrophoresis Transblot.jpg

DNA & Protein electrophoresis Transblot
Detection & Analysis

Protein or DNA electrophoresis

Transblot SD semi dry 

  • Biorad- Transferring to a membrane by semi dry transfer system.

  • Analysis by Commassie staining, immunoblotting: antibodies staining, and Imaging system.

Particle size analysis.jpg

Particle Size Analysis

Particle size distribution & measurement   HELOS/BR- Particle size analysis 0.1 µm - 875 µm, Dry or Wet dispersion

  • Range R1, sub-micron module : 0.1 – 35 µm  

  • Range R3, Fourier lens module : 0.5 – 175 µm  

  • Range R5, top-micron module: 4.5  – 875 µm  


Fusion FX 6 EDGE

Chemiluminescence Western, Northern or Southern blot
Optional applications:

  • DNA & RNA gels and fluorescence stain imaging with UV-Pad or Blue-Pad

  • Colorimetric stained protein gels, X-Ray film, autorads,

  • SSCP gels, colony dish and flask imaging with White-Light-Pad or UV-Pad + conversion screen

  • Fluorescence Western blot with Spectra Capsules

H1m training - Daren Labs[288555].jpg

BioTek Synergy H1 Multimode Reader

Synergy H1 offers continuously variable bandwidth monochromators for fluorescence excitation and emission wavelength selection.

Fluorescence bandwidth can be set between 9 and 50 nm, in 1 nm increments, allowing users to fully optimize reader settings to drive the best assay performance compared to fixed bandwidth systems.

  • UV-Vis Absorbance

  • Fluorescence Intensity

  • Luminescence


Access to other instruments:

Ovens, Chemical & Biological Hoods, Shaker RT/37°C, Stirrer (Hot plate), dry bath 37°C, Heat Blocks, Vortex, Pipettes, Autoclave, Homogenizer, pH meter Liquid Nitrogen & -80°C storage.

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