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Problem Solving

Production of physical products always involves materials processing. Whether in electronic circuits, fabrics, medical tubing or car tires, sometimes things go wrong.

In many cases, end-users and brand owners are not familiar with the various materials and processes involved in the making of their products and need our assistance. Identifying the root cause of a failed batch, loss of performance or change of color requires the application of multidisciplinary tools. Once identified, we recommend corrective actions and support our clients back to spec.

Some problems we helped solve:

  • Plastic components showed poor bonding during production of medical device.

  • Food package generating a strong smell after sealing process

  • Unidentified “black spots” identified after production of a cosmetic lotion

  • Degradation of the performance of a cooling fluid passing in new a multi materials system

  • Variation of protection coating color used in electronics component manufacturing  

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