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Contract R&D

Subcontracting your R&D projects isn’t an easy decision to make. However, with the right partner contract R&D can be a cost-effective way to get results, faster.

Our team of experts leads dozens of materials-development project annually, working closely with our clients, making sure results meet the goal.

Our long-year diverse experience, in-house lab infrastructure and analytics, allow us to develop custom solutions efficiently.

In cases of specialty materials development, we are also able to manufacturer the developed product (kilo scale batches).

Some contract R&D projects we can mention:

  • Development of polymeric membrane for flexible batteries (technology commercialized).

  • Developed cross-linking procedures for hyaluronic acid hydrogels

  • Developed and scaled up a five-stage synthesis of a new steroid drug for Fatty Liver Disease (now in phase III trials)

  • Reverse engineering and pilot production of a bio-degradable polymer for orthopedic implants.

  • Development of UV sensitive photochromic coating for optical equipment. Daren labs produces this material for the OEM.

  • Developed an acrylic surface coating that enhances the shelf-life of cut flowers (technology commercialized).

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