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“We had a lab ready within a day, which as a small start up, is the best imaginable thing.
Daren Labs immediately understood our needs and developed a framework that facilitated every step of the company’s development. They even explained to us how the company can grow, develop and how they can support us with their services”

Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, CEO,

Redefine Meat

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“We received laboratories fitted with all the equipment we needed - biological & chemical systems, modern analytical equipment, which enabled quick and efficient analysis of our results.
Due to this smooth start and achievements at Daren Labs during our first year, we were able to make a significant leap forward with our results”

Dr. Neta Lavon, CTO,

Aleph Farms


“Daren unique labs are a significant ramp up for startups in the fields of life sciences, a place that provides a great value to the companies which are located there, and a one of it’s kind in Israel.

With their help, we were able to establish the company's activities quickly, with maximum efficiency and a tremendous saving of resources and time - two things that are so important in the life of a start-up."

 Yuval Gilad, CEO & Co-Founder



 "Their value model which enables small companies with limited budget to start laboratory activities immediately, without considerable initial investment and without the associated bureaucratic "headaches" . The model is very practical and allows companies to move forwards quickly. Above and beyond these technicalities, we appreciated the Daren Labs team that were helpful and professional (in consultations, safety, procurement, etc.) and no less important, their personal care. "

Dr. Ori Cohavi, CTO & Co-Founder,  



I would like to warmly and with a heart full of appreciation recommend Daren Labs as a home for startups at the beginning.I will share here about the path Meat.The.End has taken with Daren and why I think it is the best place to start the activity of a new company.

Meat.The.End was founded during the Corona days, in 2020. After an initial period in which we worked from home and zoom, the time had come to move up a class and enter our own laboratories. I heard about Daren Laboratories from several foodtech and biotech companies who rented laboratories from them.

Was recommended by everyone! I admit that there was some hesitation thinking that renting an independent place and doing everything ourselves would be cheaper. In the end, the decision was made to enter Daren, when the consideration was to save the necessary setup time and take advantage of the central location and proximity to other companies to "mingle" in an ecosystem that was new to us, when the plan was to stay for a period of one year.


After signing a relatively short contract at first, we were given a laboratory and an office and started working immediately. Initially there were only three of us working in the company, but over time we realized that Daren also knew how to cater to our development needs, so we extended our stay there.

When we left Daren, Meat.The.End already had a market-leading product, three major international customers and almost 20 employees. Now our new residence in Caesarea Industrial Park includes production line, laboratories, and offices with an area of ​​1000 square meters.


When I look back at the consideration at the beginning about whether we should join Daren or become independent, I feel like it was not a discussion at all, for several reasons.

Cost. I learned that the rent was both effective and affordable.

In addition to the investment required that must be carefully considered, the ongoing operation of a standalone company involves many expected and unexpected costs that can add up to a very significant budget burden.


You will no longer have headaches. The long list of tasks for buildings maintenance and equipment takes time and becomes an administrative burden that, in my opinion, should be avoided at least during the first phase of the starup. Daren professionally handles the entire process, ensuring community residents have no worries, allowing us to focus on R&D and fundraising.


Study. Our time in Daren was an opportunity to meet community partners.

This is another critical point. At any given time, there are another 20 to 30 entrepreneurs and startups residing in Daren. This community helped us understand the issues and challenges faced by companies at similar or advanced stages to ours and we were surrounded with experienced, kind and pleasant people.


Flexibility. Daren Labs ranks as a startup in everything, which may explain why Daren understands its tenants so well. For every request or question we had, there was always someone who understood our needs, knew how to deal with last-minute issues and took our difficulties into consideration. Daren's team is excellent, professional people and true friends – and will be at your side every day, always helping you in a good mood and a fun atmosphere.


In addition to all the business advantages, I must personally mention the owner, Ofer Daren, who is one of the most conscientious, intelligent, fair and pleasant people I have ever met in the industry. The time at Nes Ziona was a formative time for Meat.The.End and thanks to Daren’s infrastructure and support we achieved a lot. It was a wonderful time for us to learn, develop and grow. Daren Lab’s contribution in promoting innovation inspires entrepreneurs and is worthy of praise."


Dr. Ishai Mishor,

Founder & CEO Meat.The.End

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