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“We had a lab ready within a day, which as a small start up, is the best imaginable thing.
Daren Labs immediately understood our needs and developed a framework that facilitated every step of the company’s development. They even explained to us how the company can grow, develop and how they can support us with their services”

Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, CEO,

Redefine Meat

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“We received laboratories fitted with all the equipment we needed - biological & chemical systems, modern analytical equipment, which enabled quick and efficient analysis of our results.
Due to this smooth start and achievements at Daren Labs during our first year, we were able to make a significant leap forward with our results”

Dr. Neta Lavon, CTO,

Aleph Farms


“Daren unique labs are a significant ramp up for startups in the fields of life sciences, a place that provides a great value to the companies which are located there, and a one of it’s kind in Israel.

With their help, we were able to establish the company's activities quickly, with maximum efficiency and a tremendous saving of resources and time - two things that are so important in the life of a start-up."

 Yuval Gilad, CEO & Co-Founder



 "Their value model which enables small companies with limited budget to start laboratory activities immediately, without considerable initial investment and without the associated bureaucratic "headaches" . The model is very practical and allows companies to move forwards quickly. Above and beyond these technicalities, we appreciated the Daren Labs team that were helpful and professional (in consultations, safety, procurement, etc.) and no less important, their personal care. "

Dr. Ori Cohavi, CTO & Co-Founder,  


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