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  • About Start Up Here | Daren Labs

    START UP HERE About Us Labs for Rent Equipment Team Our Graduates Testimonials Contact About Daren Startup Labs מרכז החדשנות Start Up Here הוקם כדי לענות על הצרכים של חברות הסטארט-אפ הזקוקות לתמיכה מדעית, מעבדתית ומקצועית כדי להמריץ את פיתוחן במינימום זמן ותקציב. ​ בדומה למודלים אחרים של חללי עבודה משותפים, אנו מציעים פתרונות Turn key להשכרת מעבדות ושירותים מדעיים. בדרך זו, סטארטאפים יכולים להמשיך להתמקד במו"פ שלהם ולהימנע מבזבוז מיותר של זמן וכסף, בהשקעה בתשתיות ולוגיסטיקה. Get In Touch You can start up quickly with a fully equipped lab or according to your budget Typical startups using our service module, include: Cleantech, Energy devices, Functional Materials, Biology, Food, Agrotech, water technology and more. Our Center is more than just a place to rent a lab space, it is a place where people meet, interact, share ideas and experience. Both our shared workspace labs sites are located in Ness Ziona, at the center of High-tech companies area. ​ The sites include private workspace, autonomous labs, offices, each having its own basic equipment. ​ A shared equipment room is available for general use, conference rooms and storage facilities. One is more focused on chemistry/materials and the other addressing biotechnology/pharma. ​ An experienced staff of Chemists and Biochemists are available to bring their extensive experience at short notice and reduced prices for the benefit of the resident companies. Contact us to learn more

  • Energy and Cleantech | Materials Experts | Daren Labs

    MATERIALS EXPERTS Materials Experts Home Services Contract R&D Scale up & Production Problem Solving Expert Opinion Analytical Capabilities DaaS The Team Accessibility Statement Verticals Food Tech Energy and Cleantech Pharma Alternative Proteins Medical Devices Traditional Industries Testimonials Client Portfolio Contact Us Energy and Cleantech New energy sources, storage and sustainable technologies often pose significant challenges related to materials. ​ Whether in new battery cells, bio-fuels, carbon capturing or bio-plastic technologies, materials are always in the core of the development and require relevant expertise. ​ During the years we supported the development of multiple new clean technologies, many times from very early stages. Contact us to learn how we can help you develop your new venture, making our world cleaner and healthier. Contact us to learn more

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    Looking for a best space for research lab or expert consultation? Join us today Contact Us

  • In-house Instrument | Daren Labs

    In-House Instruments PCR PCR Thermocycler Blue-Ray biotech Temperature range +4 °C-99 °C ; Fast heating ramp rate up to 5.5 °C/sec ; Excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity (+/- 0.3 °C) ; 12-section gradient temperature range from 1 to 24.9 °C for PCR optimization ; The quick boot-up takes only 45 seconds. Biometra Temperature range -3°C-99 °C temperature accuracy and uniformity (+/- 0.1 °C) RT-PCR Bio Rad CFX96TM - Analysis methods: PCR quantification, Gene expression, Melt curve analysis, Allelic discrimination, End point analysis ; Temperature range 0-100°C +/-0.2°C, Range of ext./em. 450-730nm ; 96 wells: from1μL-50 μL (recommended 10μL-25 μL). Mx3000p QPCR System Agilent - Mx3000p QPCR System Agilent - Analysis methods: Quantitative PCR, Comparative Quantitation, SYBR Green, Allele Discrimination, Melting curve. 4 dyes per well Microscope Olympus Fluorescence Microscope inverted CKX53 Olympus x4, x10, x20 + Fluorescence GFP, RFP, DAPI Brightfield, Phase Contrast, and DIC only Motic Optical Microscope x4, x10, x40, x100 + Camera 5M Olympus Binocular Microscope up to x90 + Camera 15M Plate reader Synergy HT Multi-Mode Microplate Reader - Capable of reading any plate format up to 384-well plates and provides temperature control up to 50° C and shaking as standard features. Typical applications include antibody-antigen binding, receptor-liquid binding, ELISA, nucleic acid quantitation Absorbance monochromator from 200 nm to 999 nm (UV -Vis). Fluorescence (ext./em. 485/530, 528/590, 485/590). Luminescence. Thermo scientific Multiskan FC - Plate types – 96 or 348 well plate ; Wavelength – 405nm, 450nm, 620nm ; Shaker – Slow (5 Hz, amplitude 15 mm), Medium (11 Hz, amplitude 3 mm), and Fast (20 Hz, amplitude 1 mm) ; Temperature range - +4°C to 50°C. PHOmo Microplate reader - Detection method: Absorbance ; Measurement modes: Endpoint & Kinetic ; Plate type: 96, 48 flat, U and V bottom ; Filters 405nm, 450nm, 492nm, 620nm. Flow cytometry CytoFLEX Beckman Coulter Life Science Flow cytometr - Laser specification- Violet (ex.405nm), Blue (ex.488), Red (ex.638). 30 000 events per second with all configured parameters. Nano Drop Micro-Spectrophotometer Fluorometer DeNovix DS-11 FX - Rapidly quantify seven orders of magnitude of nucleic acids and protein samples selecting your choice of UV-Vis or Fluorescent modes. Full spectrum UV-Vis analysis (190nm to 840 nm) Fluorescence capability: Green LED : 525 nm (Excitation), 565 to 650 nm (Emission) Red LED : 632 nm (Excitation), 665 to 740 nm (Emission) Blue LED : 470 nm (Excitation), 514 to 567 nm (Emission) UV : 375 nm (Excitation), 435 to 485 nm (Emission) NanoDrop 2000 Thermo Scientific - Applications: Nucleic acid, Protein, Fluorescent dye corporation, BCA Assays, Bradford, Kinetic methods, Custom methods ; Full spectral output (190 - 840 nm) ; Preconfigured methods for A260, A280, labeled DNA or Proteins, and much more. Imaging system Omega lum - Semi-Quantitative Assay EtBr, SYBR Green/ safe, Commassie, Photography of DNA, RNA and protein Gels, Western blot membrane, Dot blot, Vis; UV (302, 365nm); Chemiluminescence AmershamTM Imager 600 - Chemiluminescent Western blotting detection AKTA AKTA Avant 150 - Offers a complete solution for rapid, high-quality protein separations while maintaining flexibility and reliability. Analysis by spectrophotometry: wavelength 190-700nm & Conductimetry Cell counter Countess™ II Automated Cell Counter - is a benchtop assay platform equipped with state-of-the-art optics, full autofocus, and image analysis software for rapid assessment of cells. Accurate Fast Convenient Centrifuges MEGAFUGE 40R Capacity-500/250ml bottle, 50/15ml tube; Maximum speed: 15 200 rpm (depending on the rotor), 4 816xg; Temperature range: -10°C – 40°C FRESCO 17 Capacity-24 Eppendorf tube ; Maximum speed- 13 000 rpm depending on rotor, 17 000xg ; Temperature range- 5°C – 40°C MEGAFUGE 16R Capacity- 4x50ml/ 12x15ml ; Maximum speed Depending on Rotor – 15 200 rpm; 25 830xg ; Temperature range- -10°C – 40°C NUVE NF 400R Capacity: 4x50ml/ 8x15ml ; Maximum speed 4 100 rpm; Maximum RCF- 2 819xg ; Temperature range: -9°C – 40°C NUVE NF 800R Capacity: 4x50ml/ 12x15ml/ 24x1.5ml or 2ml/ 2 plates ; Maximum speed Swing-out Rotor: 4 100 rpm; Maximum RCF- 3 045xg ; Maximum speed Angle Rotor: 14 000 rpm; Maximum RCF: 18 405xg ; Temperature range: -9°C – 40°C DNA & Protein electrophoresis Transblot Detection & Analysis Protein or DNA electrophoresis Transblot SD semi dry – Biorad- Transferring to a membrane by semi dry transfer system. Analysis by Commassie staining, immunoblotting: antibodies staining, and Imaging system. Particle Size Analysis Particle size distribution & measurement HELOS/BR- Particle size analysis 0.1 µm - 875 µm, Dry or Wet dispersion ​​ Range R1, sub-micron module : 0.1 – 35 µm Range R3, Fourier lens module : 0.5 – 175 µm Range R5, top-micron module: 4.5 – 875 µm Access to other Instruments: Ovens, Chemical & Biological Hoods, Shaker RT/37°C, Stirrer (Hot plate), dry bath 37°C, Heat Blocks, Vortex, Pipettes, Autoclave, Homogenizer, pH meter Liquid Nitrogen & -80°C storage. Book a Space


    DARREN INNOVATION CENTER About Us Labs for Rent Our Team Clients & Investors Book A Tour INTRODUCTION The Daren Innovation Center has been designed to meet the needs of those start-ups projects that need a laboratory and professional scientific support in such fields as Biology, Chemistry, Materials, Agro-tech, Process, Medical equipment and Life Science . ​ The function of the center is to provide our clients most of their logistic needs. This way, the innovator can remain devoted exclusively to his development work, without needing to invest time and money in infrastructure or take upon him self long term commitments, all aimed to to increase the success rate for achieving milestones and grow. The innovator can also receive technical and scientific support from experts in relevant fields who will assist in presenting the innovator to potential investors. We encourage entrepreneurs to contact us ; together we can hopefully find a way to start your new venture. A short and simple contract with no long term commitments Ideal for companies being funded by milestone Saving time and lawyers’ fees and avoiding bureaucracy and permits Instant start with administration by fellow scientists Full office facilities and maintainance Out of gallery Our center is a place where business opportunities can be found. For investors looking for "low profile", early-stage companies with a credible proven proof-of-concept our center is a good place to start. We often initiate and manage fund-matching operations for companies we recognize as promising. Join Our Offices Today

  • Client and Investors Realtionships | Daren Labs

    Investors seeking seed-stage business opportunities are welcome to contact us It is one of our goals, to help companies with good feasibility to find next-stage funding. ​ We invite investors to visit our center and meet potential start-ups before these companies are exposed to the general investor community. The companies we bring to the table all bear our stamp-of-validity technology-wise, as well as our personal acquaintance with the team behind the invention. Contact Us Start ups that grew with us: Harnessing cutting edge technologies to ensure food and environmental safety. ​ Learn More >> Presenting a unique technology in the field of extended storage and prolonged shelf life of cut flower. Learn More >> ​ ​ ITRODUCING

  • Labs_for_rent | Daren Labs

    LABS FOR RENT The center is designed such that each innovator has his own work-place. The site includes an organic chemistry laboratory and nine other autonomous Biochemistry laboratories , each having its own basic equipment in. In addition there is an analytical room for general use. This includes Microscopes, FTIR, DSC, HPLC , TGA and more. Personal offices and storage facilities are also available. In additional to the infrastructure and equipment, an experienced staff of Chemists is available to support any project at short notice. Using this on-site manpower as needed, can save the heavy cost involved in employing permanent staff. Biology labs Chemistry labs Seminars Offices Electro chemistry lab Analytical equipment Out of gallery Our goal is to tailor for every innovator his own working place at minimum time and costs. To find out more about our lab rental services please contact us . ​ Contact Us

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